Principal’s Message

Welcome to Loyola!

As one of approximately fifty Jesuit high schools in the country and as part of the international network of Jesuit education, Loyola is proud to be part of an educational heritage that challenges students to develop the gift of their intellect and to become more academically excellent.  Loyola’s rigorous college preparatory program is characterized by individual attention from a talented group of faculty members who help each student to develop habits of intellectual inquiry and a disposition towards life-long learning.  Loyola’s graduates are prepared for success at colleges and universities that are among the most selective in the country; 75% of our recent graduates are attending schools ranked among the top fifty in the nation.

A Loyola education, however, goes beyond academic excellence.  The offerings in our sports and extracurricular programs allow students to become more open to growth as they develop their own God-given talents, find some they may not have recognized before, and in the process, come to value the unique talents of each of their classmates.  Loyola students become more religious through participation in our retreat programs and opportunities for worship and prayer.  No matter what their faith background, students are guided by the directive of the founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius Loyola, to “find God in all things.”  Finding God in one another strengthens the bonds among the members of the Loyola community; the opportunities to come to know and care for one another in our small, close-knit community help our students become more loving.  Participation in the Christian Service program forms in the young women and men of Loyola a habit of service and the desire to be committed to doing justice.

It is difficult to enter Loyola without experiencing the warmth of our community, the dedication of our faculty, and the happiness of our students.  The Loyola experience is a transformational one.  Ninth grade boys and girls leave Loyola four years later as young men and women who are life-long learners. They are developing as leaders who are open to growth, academically excellent, religious, loving, and committed to doing justice.

Thank you for your interest in this very special place.

Dr. Kristin Ross Cully