Previous School: Secaucus Middle School

Hometown: Secaucus, NJ

In-School Activities: Loyola Players: Drama Club, Choir, Current Events Club, Maroon and Gold: Student Ambassadors 

Favorite Class: Biology and English

Describe Loyola in One Word: Loving

Hobbies: I love to sing and have jam sessions with my friends.

Favorite TV Shows: The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl

Favorite Books: Walk Two Moons, The Perks of Being a Wallflower 

Fun Fact: I moved to America when I was 6. I can also speak Tagalog, which is the native language of the Philippines.

Siblings: Jules Almazar, who is currently a Loyola senior

Why Loyola? I chose Loyola because of the atmosphere and the size of the school. Coming from a school where the regular class size was 200, I really liked the idea of a small community. During my shadow day I could feel how closely knit everyone was and I fell in love with Loyola instantly.  

Favorite Loyola Memory: My favorite memory at Loyola would have to be sports night. After winning the most intense nail-biting game ever, everyone in the armory rushed onto the court. To me it signified how comfortable we were with each other and how the Loyola family truly support and lift each other up. 

Best Time of Year at Loyola: The best time of year at Loyola is Christmas time. It's that time of year where we can step back from work and just enjoy each other's company. 

Favorite Loyola Teacher: My favorite teacher would have to be Mr. Howell because he has such an enthusiasm and passion for teaching. I enjoyed being in his class because he made math interesting and made sure no student was left behind. And did I mention he makes the best banana bread in the world!  

Best Meal from the Cafeteria: A flatbread sandwich with chicken, lettuce, mozzarella, tomatoes, and chipotle sauce.

Favorite Loyola “Grad at Grad” Characteristic: "Open to growth" because you never know what you could discover about yourself without being open. It personally has helped me grow as a person and continues to because it teaches me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. 

Loyola Activity You've Always Wanted to Participate In: I've always wanted to try sports out for a change. I played basketball and ran in the track team in middle school, but I haven't had the change to try out because the sport seasons conflict with play season.