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Loyola's New Rooftop Field

Construction began in July on the roof of Loyola’s Alumni Gymnasium to convert the space from paddle tennis courts into a practice field for our soccer, softball, baseball, golf, and track and field teams.
The new ability to have immediate access to a practice field will create additional time for our student athletes to further excel in other aspects of their education. Tremendous interest from Loyola’s students and parent community, as well as leadership from our Board of Trustees, helped bring this idea to fruition.
The beautiful space will go beyond athletics, as the rooftop will also be the home of our new community urban garden. The garden will provide the opportunity for hands-on education in science, sustainability, and global awareness. Nearly half of the Loyola student body expressed interest in being part of the Community Garden Committee.
The aforementioned paddle tennis courts have called our gym’s roof home for the past 40 years. As we look forward to the enhanced student experience created by the rooftop field, we would like to sincerely thank The Loyola School Paddle Tennis Associates for their generous support over these last four decades.