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2017-2018 School Theme

Dear Loyola Community,
I am delighted to announce that our school theme for 2017/18 is Companions in Courage.
When I met with our senior class and faculty/staff at the beginning of the year I explained that I felt it was important to have a theme for the academic year. While this year will always exist as part of Loyola’s story and broader mission, it is also the only year in the school’s history that will see the community comprised of this group of individuals. Therefore, it is appropriate to have a theme specific to our group this year.
Indeed, it is a wonderful theme that draws on the characteristics of accompaniment, companionship, collectivity and shared responsibility, as well as the concepts of leadership and standing up for what is right and just. These are central tenets of a Jesuit education. I would like to acknowledge the many who put forward suggestions and to the vast majority of faculty/staff and students voted on the proposals. I hope and expect that this powerful theme will underpin and shape our action as a community over the course of the year, individually and collectively.
Adam Lewis - Principal