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Loyola School


The Program of Studies at Loyola School is intended to provide an education that is both Christian and humanistic. It is assumed that all Loyola students will continue their education on the college level. As a college preparatory school, Loyola promotes an academically stimulating and challenging environment. The curriculum is designed to place emphasis on the development of those skills and strengths that will be necessary for success in the most demanding colleges. Loyola strives to produce graduates who can form sound analytical judgments, cultivate powers of self-expression, express a keen interest in and concern for all God’s creation, and exhibit a philosophy of life based on sound principles. Important for the achievement of these goals is a sense of maturity and responsibility for one’s own behavior.

At the heart of the Jesuit approach to education is the principle of cura personalis—care for the whole person. At Loyola this means drawing out a student’s gifts and talents, inspiring their use, and encouraging interaction with peers and teachers. Our graduates become people who can question, reason, and articulate their understanding in every setting.