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Loyola School

Student Life

Loyola School Student Life: Small Community; Big Growth


Loyola School is truly a home away from home where students feel both comfortable and independent. Here, students are deeply present in their own lives and the lives of each other, becoming more accepting and aware as they foster meaningful relationships both in and out of the classroom.


From clubs and activities, to spiritual life and retreats, to service trips both domestic and abroad, Loyola School student life is rich in spirit and opportunity. Students learn to recognize themselves as leaders of change, as they use their talents and passions in the service of others and for the greater good.


“I was a part of Loyola’s recent service trip to Costa Rica, in which I helped build a sports court with the organization CourtsForKids. My favorite memory from the trip was a cultural celebration we shared with the Bribri people in which they taught us one of their traditional dances. The whole experience deepened my understanding of social justice and solidarity, and my memories from Costa Rica will stay with me for many years to come.”


-Daniela, Class of 2019 


Student life at Loyola School includes:

  • Cocurriculars: Loyola School has a club or organization to help fulfill any student passion, from Amnesty International to Forensics Team to Stock Market Club and more.
  • Spiritual Life: Loyola provides many opportunities for students to recognize, reflect on and respond to God’s presence, including prayer, liturgy and sacrament; retreats; and Christian service.
  • College Guidance: Beginning the first semester of freshman year, Loyola School college guidance is personal, relevant, long-term, and family-oriented.

Community Resources: 


Want to learn more about Loyola School student life? Contact us with your questions, or plan to attend one of our upcoming Open Houses.