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Our Approach


The College Guidance program at Loyola is based on the premise that in order to be effective it must be personal, relevant, long-term, and family-oriented. The well-staffed College Guidance Office and the small number of students in each grade level ensure comprehensive, ongoing, and professional college counseling assistance. College planning begins early at Loyola, with the initial formal program being offered in the first semester of freshman year. From this introductory session to the final college program in the senior year, students are encouraged to approach the process with positivity, balance, and calm; however, they are also inspired to make exceptional academic, extra-curricular, and personal choices throughout their time with us. Ultimately, the goal of the College Guidance program is to engender, from the very first days, a student-centered and aspirational college-bound climate that motivates our young women and men to make the most of their high school years while preparing them for the academic road ahead.