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The personalized attention given to each student was most helpful.  The Director of College Guidance genuinely cares about finding the right school for each student, and then doing everything in his power to help each student gain acceptance into his or her first choice school.  It gave me confidence that the Director knew me as an individual, and therefore could honestly vouch for me.  He really helped me through the process of not just looking for a school with the best name, but, rather, in looking for the college that would be the best fit for me.  Mapping out schools that I was interested in and ranking them in order of difficulty of admission for me personally clarified where I had to improve my academics and by how much.  Everything with the Director is personalized, and this created so much trust not only in him, but also in the entire college process.

Amanda Webb ’14
Georgetown University

The Office of College Guidance provided our class with numerous opportunities to meet with admissions representatives that definitely helped me learn more about schools and whether or not they were a good fit for me.  Additionally, one thing I found extremely helpful during the college application process was the personal attention I received from the Director of College Guidance and other members of the college guidance office. Having the ability to schedule a meeting or even just stop by the guidance office when I needed help with my applications and decisions was indispensable to my experience. I also feel that Loyola’s reputation and deep-rooted connections with many schools was very important during the admissions process and encourages schools to take that second look at an application before making a decision.

Julia Suozzi ’14
University of Virginia

The College Guidance program is incredibly thorough: from college immersion day in sophomore year to junior college guidance class, the Director of College Guidance and the rest of the College Guidance Department make sure that students are aware of what the process entails.  The Director of College Guidance is also easily reachable outside of school – I remember sending him panicked emails only to receive a response in under an hour. Without the Loyola College Guidance program, I never would have known about the merit scholarship that enabled me to attend Georgetown University in the fall.

Perby Señal ’15
Georgetown University

I thought the college immersion day my sophomore year was particularly helpful.  Having visited Vassar, I was able to get a feeling of campus life for a top liberal arts college and gauge my interest in similar schools.  The immersion ultimately helped me shape the list of schools I eventually applied to.  Additionally, the Office of College Guidance is known for keeping an open door.  Whenever I had a question or concern, I would swing by and have a quick chat with the Director of College Guidance.  I thought this level of engagement on his part took much of the stress out of the application process. Not only did he help me relieve anxiety about particular questions (SAT scores, AP exams, interviews, etc.), but he offered personalized advice.  By the end of the process, I felt he knew me personally. This was particularly helpful when reviewing essays, since he knew my writing style and my voice and helped me shape essays for competitive schools.

Bruno Schaffa ’14
Princeton University

I found the college guidance class the most helpful. It allowed us to learn about the general overview of the college application process, and in-class discussions helped answer any general or specific questions students had.  The summer college tour was also especially helpful. It was a fun and great way to spend with friends, but it was also very informative. Visiting the schools in person and attending information sessions all helped me to decide if I wanted to apply to a specific school or not. Lastly, I felt that my individual meetings with the Director were the most helpful in terms of gaining admittance into Georgetown. As Georgetown is also a Jesuit school, he naturally knew what they were looking for.

Grace Cho ’13
Georgetown University

I found the one on one meetings with the Director of College Guidance the most helpful. I could just sit down and vent about the stress of the process or discuss ideas for essays or potential schools. Without the Office of College Guidance, I would never have even heard of Saint Andrews, let alone traveled across the ocean to attend it!

Hunter Bulkeley ’14
University of Saint Andrews, Scotland