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The Loyola Difference

The best part about attending Loyola was getting to know both teachers and peers on a very personal level, more so than I would have at a larger school. In general, I deeply appreciated the strong sense of community and support that Loyola offered.
Loyola is unique in the relationships it creates. The difference between Loyola and other such schools is that Loyola cares and wants its students to feel comfortable with those they encounter at school. Loyola really tries to encourage and initiate those long lasting relationships that are so rarely found.

After attending Loyola, I definitely felt prepared to take challenging courses, as I had managed to get through many difficult classes in high school. Loyola also taught me how to act more professionally and maturely. Having structure in aspects such as appearance and behavior has prepared me for the somewhat more adult world in college; these attitudes have definitely carried over into my daily life as a college student.

Julia ’14
University of Virginia 

With hundreds of memories made over four short years, one of the greatest memories I can remember was leading the Senior Kairos Retreat. While difficult to choose just one memory, Kairos was by far one of the greatest challenges in preparation and execution. A close second to Kairos, the senior trip to Belize was an experience unlike anything I had ever imagined occurring during my time in high school. The people we met and the people who attended made for one last fantastic memory to add to the book of Loyola memories.

Loyola has also provided me with the confidence to be able to present before a crowd, which in comparison to other institutions, is an advantage for a college setting. Based on the growth of my self-confidence in high school, after my first semester in college, I was elected to serve as the treasurer for the American Society of Civil Engineers chapter at Saint Louis University. Having an understanding of professionalism, my freshman year also yielded the opportunity to attend an engineering conference in Houston Texas, and finally, to be a student representative at Civil Engineering Department Board meetings.

Small in size, Loyola is representative of a family. Unlike the experience of a number of my friends in other institutions, Loyola allows for smooth and frequent interaction across all grades, regular interaction with the faculty, a constant challenge to overcome, and finally the support to overcome that challenge. While Loyola molds great minds, above all else, it molds great people because only great people are here to do the molding.

Mike '14
Saint Louis University