Academic Overview

Loyola School Academics: Whole-Student Character Education Since 1900

Loyola School combines the distinctly spiritual, head-heart-hands approach of Jesuit education with the experience of an independent school to form courageous leaders of change who are more loving, committed to justice, open to growth, globally competent and academically excellent upon graduation.

Our demanding, inspiring program of studies, which has relationship at its heart, challenges each Loyola young woman and man to:

List of 6 items.

  • Form sound analytical judgments

  • Cultivate powers of self-expression

  • Express a keen interest in and concern for all God’s creation

  • Become open to growth as a lifelong learner

  • Exhibit a philosophy of life based on sound principles

  • Lead from the inside out, based on a strong set of beliefs and convictions

Chandler, Class of 2019

“In morality class, the final group debate on sanctuary cities really challenged me. It required all of us to develop strong claims backed by thorough research, and to defend our stance head-on in mock debates.”

We prepare students to make their mark at distinguished higher education institutions as self-aware, responsible global citizens.

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  • Curriculum

    Our curriculum is designed to provide an education that is both Christian and humanistic, emphasizing the skills and strengths needed for success in the most demanding colleges.
  • Global Learning

    We embed global learning in our curriculum, school-wide events, climate and culture, preparing our graduates to be more empathetic, accepting of differences, and able to navigate the interconnected world in which they will work and live.
  • Grad Reflections

    Our graduate reflections demonstrate how Loyola students go on to not only achieve success in academics, but also contribute to the greater community.
  • Technology

    Technology supports and enhances our academic program, ensuring students are comfortable with current communication practices and exposed to innovative resources.

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