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Student Leadership

Loyola students are called to be the leaders of tomorrow

With its commitment to form the leaders of tomorrow, Loyola School develop their students through a diversity of leadership opportunities and groups. Students are molded through the principles of Ignatian Leadership, helping them seek a purpose greater than their own.

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  • Brownbaggers

    The Loyola Brownbaggers is an out-reach program that is founded on a very basic principle: feeding those who are hungry. Founded by students at Loyola over twenty years ago, the Brownbaggers come together to make lunches for those is need in the New York City area.
  • INES Mentors

    Through affirming and supportive mentor relationships, the INES Mentoring Program’s goal is to provide positive role models for program participants. Mentors model healthy relationships and seek to help participants build self confidence and improve communication skills as they grow into self-assured young women and leaders.
  • Loyola Admissions Ambassadors

    Loyola Admissions Ambassadors help in a variety of efforts — such as emailing candidates, leading school tours, serving on student panels, and staying in touch with newly admitted students throughout the enrollment process. You will assist with admissions events and additionally, you will connect with visiting students during their shadow day.
  • Peer Leaders

    The Peer Leaders are a selected team of 12 seniors who guide freshmen through their first year of high school. Three seniors are assigned to a group of freshmen and meet biweekly in order to ease their transition to Loyola. The Peer Leaders lead conversations and activities on topics ranging from study skills and organization to respect and diversity. This opportunity for structured peer conversation enables freshmen to become more comfortable and have upperclassmen available to help them throughout the year.
  • Peer Tutors

    Students who are academically competent in a subject are paired with a peer who needs additional support in that subject. The tutors have usually already taken the course and can provide insight into how to succeed. It is a great way to help your classmates and get involved in the community.
  • Student Advisory Council

    The purpose of the student advisory council is to give the office regular feedback and initial plan of action on issues pertaining to student life.  Those initial plans are shared with Student Government for action or address to the student body.
  • Student Government

    The Student Government consists of twelve students, eleven elected and one appointed, whose purpose is to provide a voice for the student body and promote collaboration with the school’s administration. Additionally, they organize many events throughout the year which include dances, the Christmas Assembly, and Spirit Week.
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