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Olivia R. '25 Wins YoungArts Award

When it came to choosing a high school, Olivia R. '25 wanted to be part of a community that would support her passions, but also challenge her to be a "woman for others" and reach for excellence in her pursuits. Little did she realize that striving for that excellence would allow her to win a 2024 YoungArts award with distinction for her writing in creative nonfiction.

Each year, the organization receives approximately 7,000 applications, across a number of creative disciplines. This year, YoungArts named nearly 700 winners of the most accomplished young visual, literary and performing artists from across the country, heralding the next generation of artists to watch. YoungArts award winners are selected through a highly competitive application, which is reviewed by panels of esteemed, discipline-specific artists in a rigorous adjudication process.

The 2024 YoungArts award winners join a distinguished community of artists who are offered creative and professional development support throughout their careers.  Only 150 of the nearly 700 winners received the "with distinction" honor which allows Olivia to be considered for a Presidential Scholar in the Arts award.  
"Loyola is truly a place that cultivates all of its student's innate talents," says Olivia. "I want to make sure that Loyola is seen as a place where creative talents can flourish to the highest levels." 

Visual Arts Students Take Part in Global Showcase

Artwork created by Lily DeSpirito '23
Art has long been a powerful medium for expressing ideas, emotions, and advocating for change. In an increasingly interconnected world, students from Loyola School are spearheading a groundbreaking initiative to harness the transformative power of art in addressing social justice issues. 

Welcome to the “Virtual Art Show based on Social Justice” – a platform where young artists from Jesuit schools worldwide converge to showcase their creations and foster cross-cultural dialogue. Organized by Loyola School Art Instructor, Melinda Kiefer Santiago '07, the event, scheduled for May 23, 2024, transcends geographical boundaries to unite students in a common cause: leveraging art as a catalyst for social change. The objectives are clear: to explore the intersection of art and activism, to cultivate appreciation for diverse cultural perspectives, and to facilitate meaningful exchanges among peers from different corners of the globe.

From New York to Nairobi, from Berlin to Buenos Aires, students aged 14 to 18 are invited to immerse themselves in this dynamic learning experience. The format of the event is designed to maximize engagement and interaction. Beginning with an introduction to the concept of the art show and the collaborative efforts behind its organization, participants will gain insight into the significance of art as a tool for advocacy. This will be followed by a virtual tour of the online art gallery, where a rich tapestry of artworks awaits exploration. From thought-provoking paintings to stirring sculptures, each piece offers a unique perspective on issues ranging from environmental conservation to human rights.

Read more about innovative event on "Educate Magis", a website dedicated to the global network of Jesuit schools.
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