We Are The Knights

Loyola Athletics embraces the Jesuit values … in sports, but also in everything they do.

At Loyola, we want our student athletes to have the ability to learn in various settings, to care about the team and not just oneself. We also want them to find God through the dedicated work they will put into their sport and the relationship they will form with their teammates. The Athletics program stresses teamwork, sportsmanship and a sense of fair play and fun.
– Fred Agnostakis, Athletic Director

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  • Fall

    Varsity Boys Soccer
    Varsity Girls Soccer
    Varsity Volleyball
    Varsity Cross Country
    JV Boys Soccer
    JV Volleyball
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    Varsity Boys Basketball
    Varsity Girls Basketball
    JV Boys Basketball
    JV Girls Basketball
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    Varsity Baseball
    Varsity Softball
    Varsity Golf
    Varsity Track and Field
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