Alumni Association Board

Meet our Alumni Association Board

The Alumni Association Board - comprised of Loyola alumni spanning over 60 years of graduating classes – is united by an appreciation for the education they received, a passion for the relationships they developed, and a desire to stay connected to Loyola and to help their classmates do the same.

Alumni Association Executive Board Members

Christina Gallinari '05
Vice President
Marisa Greason '77

Alumni Association Board Members

Maggie Dolan-Acosta ‘03
Joe Bustros '94

Magis Members
Laura Armstrong-Weaver ’94
Robert Booher ’64
Raymond Fastiggi ’69
Filippo Galluppi ’47
Bernard Griffin ’69
Nancy Harnett ’77
Gerard Herrling ’73
Michael Impollonia ’73
Marie McNamee ’77
Mark Speed ’71
Bradley Steinthal ’51
1980’s Decade Representative
Lisa Marzen ’87
Sean O’Shea ’87
1990’s Decade Representative
Shane Azzara ’93
Deidre Humen ’93
Mary Ann Lynch Minson ’99
2000’s Decade Representative
Sharon Brady ’05
Krisztina Geosits ’00
Maurice Hicks ’08
Jane Luger ’01
Michelle McVann ’03
Vincent Recca ’08
Joseph Sorbera ’04
2010’s Decade Representative
Andrew Brinster ’10
Viktoria Curbelo ’10
Shannon McNamee ’12
Karen Mendoza ’10
Faculty Representative
Andrea McDermott ’02  
Faculty Advisor Emeritus
Danilo Tramontozzi
980 Park Avenue New York, NY 10028