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Loyola School

Global Initiatives

Ignatian Leaders For Tomorrow

Looking Beyond 83rd and Park 

“The new context of globalization requires us to act as a universal body with a universal mission…it is as a worldwide community and simultaneously as a network of local communities that we seek to serve others across the world.”

 - Fr. Adolfo Nicolas, S.J.


Loyola School, uniquely Jesuit, independent, and coeducational, is a college preparatory learning community of excellence, with a global focus, that implements 21st-century educational practices and innovations, and develops well-rounded leaders of character in an Ignatian environment.

Global Education at Loyola School raises students’ awareness of the world outside their own environment, using the Grad at Grad characteristics as a framework for this global focus.  The emphasis on making students academically excellent, open to growth, religious, loving, and committed to doing justice provides the launching pad for the exploration of the different and diverse cultures in our ever-broadening world community.  Loyola implements 21st Century educational practices incorporating the arts, humanities, sciences, technology, and mathematics to develop well-rounded, compassionate Ignatian leaders with a global perspective.  

Loyola School is an inclusive, respectful, and supportive learning environment, where diversity is seen as an asset. Through the development of students’ global competence, we prepare our graduates to be more empathetic, accepting of differences, and better prepared to navigate the interconnected world in which they will work and live.  Global Learning is a part of daily life at Loyola, embedded in the curriculum, school-wide events, and the school’s very climate and culture.


Profile of the Graduate at Graduation: Globally Competent

A globally competent Loyola School student demonstrates empathy and a complex understanding of the world from multiple perspectives, seeking to critically understand and take action on global issues through collaboration, perseverance, and problem-solving.

A Loyola student…

  • Accepts the responsibilities of global citizenship and makes ethical decisions that contribute to the development of a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world
  • Understands how the world’s people and institutions are interconnected through economic, political, technological, environmental, and social systems that operate interdependently across nations and regions
  • Respects the environment; understands the issues related to climate change, the distribution of world resources and sustainability
  • Understands other people, cultures, world religions, and economies
  • Recognizes the influence of his or her own perspective on situations, events, issues, or phenomena
  • Demonstrates proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English and in one or more other world languages to become literate for the 21st Century
  • Applies critical thinking skills to real-world problems
  • Collaborates with others from different cultural backgrounds in project-based learning locally, nationally and internationally
  • Demonstrates creative and complex thinking and problem-solving skills by analyzing and producing viable solutions to problems with no known or single right answer
  • Understands how he or she learns best, and commits to being a life-long independent learner
  • Evaluates information from around the world to effectively summarize, synthesize, and create new ideas
  • Engages with different cultures and communities locally and globally through service opportunities and immersion experiences