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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and we encourage you to explore our website for more information as well.

Please contact the Office of Admissions at 646-346-8131 if you have additional questions.

How can I apply to Loyola School?
To begin the application process, please click here to create an account. Make sure to create your account using an email address you will have access to throughout the admission season as this will be your primary email contact with our school. If at any point you should have a question about Ravenna or your application, please contact them at or our Admissions Office team.


What are important dates to keep in mind?
Please visit our Apply or Inquiry page for a complete list of application deadlines, Open Houses, and other Information Sessions.


Is there an entrance exam required for admission?
Yes. Students can take either the HSPT, ISEE, or SSAT exam. Only one exam is required for admission.
Students may register to take the HSPT administered at Loyola by indicating this choice on Part I of their application.
Loyola also accepts the ISEE and the SSAT exams.
Applicants can register for the ISEE exam at or by phone at 1-800-446-0320.
Applicants can register for the SSAT at
As an Independent School, Loyola is not authorized to accept the TACHS exam.

Is Loyola co-educational?
Yes. Loyola is the only Jesuit, Catholic, independent, co-ed school in the tri-state. Young men and women work side-by-side to challenge themselves academically, religiously, aesthetically, physically, and socially to reach their full potential.


Is an interview required for admission?
While an interview is not required for admission, it is recommended. Once Part I of the application is received, the Office of Admissions will contact applicants to schedule an interview. Please be aware that the Office of Admissions cannot accommodate every applicant's schedule. Rest assured, however, that applicants will NOT be penalized if an interview cannot be scheduled.


Can I spend a day at Loyola?
Yes, applicants may spend a Shadow Day at Loyola once they are accepted. These visits are scheduled after acceptance between February and March. During a Shadow Day, a current freshman will host the applicant as he/she follows the student to classes and activities throughout the day. Applicants will also be treated to lunch and offered the opportunity to pose questions to other students, teachers, and the Office of Admissions' staff. Applicants are expected to dress appropriately for their visit.


What is Loyola looking for in an applicant?

Loyola School is looking for a student who is well-rounded and will contribute positively to the school community.


What grade average is an applicant expected to have?
Parents and students often ask this question and expect a specific answer. It is important to note that a committee of educators evaluates each student applying to Loyola individually. While the typical Loyola applicant does well in middle school, there are many other equally important factors taken into consideration when evaluating an applicant.
Among the essential considerations, the Committee looks for the following:

  • Consistent grades throughout an applicant’s school career
  • Commitment to his/her studies
  • Past community and social contributions, as evidenced by participation in extra-curricular activities and/or community service
  • Correlation between the applicant’s aptitude (standardized test results) and the applicant’s achievement (academic grades) 


Where can I get more information on tuition and the Financial Aid process?
Please visit our Tuition, Scholarships, and Financial Aid page for more information. 


Is there a merit-based award for academic excellence available to applicants?
The McKinnon Scholarship is our highest merit-based award, offered in recognition of an applicant’s strength across academic disciplines as well as a commitment to his or her school through extracurricular and community-based activities.  A McKinnon scholar goes above and beyond what is asked of him or her in the classroom demonstrating exceptional leadership qualities, possessing a solid foundation of core values and a strong understanding of Jesuit education.  A select number of applicants will also be named Presidential Scholars based on their academic work at their previous schools.


What is Loyola's policy on students with specialized learning needs?
Please see Loyola's Learning Needs Policy at the bottom of the page for more information on students with specialized learning needs.


Does applying for Financial Aid influence the admission decision?
Loyola’s admissions decision is independent of the financial aid decision. Therefore, a family’s expression of interest in applying for financial aid has no bearing on whether the student is offered admission.


Who may apply for Financial Aid?
Financial aid is awarded principally to incoming freshmen and, on a limited basis, to transfer students. Returning families who were not awarded aid upon admission may apply in subsequent years only if they have experienced a significant and unanticipated change in financial circumstances. Siblings entering college or other private schools does not constitute an unanticipated change. Awards to returning families and transfer applicants are subject to the availability of resources as determined by the Loyola’s annual operating budget.


How is Financial Aid awarded?
Loyola School’s Financial Aid Committee considers applications for Financial Aid. To assist the Committee, Loyola School makes use of an outside data collection and analysis organization called the School and Student Service (SSS) for Financial Aid. SSS assists Independent Schools in determining a family’s financial need. Families must complete a Parent Financial Statement (PFS) and submit copies of their tax returns to SSS, which then generates a Report of Family Contribution (RFC). The RFC contains an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). The EFC provides some guidance to the Financial Aid Committee in evaluating need but is not a binding conclusion.


Do all families with financial need receive an award?
No. Unfortunately, Loyola is not able to give awards to all families with demonstrated need. Generally, Loyola gives between 15 and 20 awards to incoming freshmen out of roughly 100 who have been offered admission and applied for Financial Aid.


If I do not receive a Financial Aid award, can my son or daughter still attend Loyola?
The choice to give your son or daughter an Independent School Education is a special gift, but it is also a significant, four-year financial commitment. Financial assistance is available after entering the school only under very limited circumstances and therefore families are urged to realistically consider their ability to pay full tuition without the benefit of financial assistance.