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Loyola School competes interscholastically in 10 varsity sports and fields four junior varsity teams. Student-athletes develop confidence and self-discipline, together with the positive concepts of sportsmanship, fair play, and the value of teamwork. Dedicated coaches work with Loyola students to explore the meaning of excellence in the context of a game and they foster respect for the rules of the game, the officials, and the opponents. Student-athletes have the opportunity to develop leadership skills which will be applicable in pressure situations with their teammates, opponents, and peers, whether on or off the field or court.

Coaches teach sport-specific fundamentals, game terminology, diagrams, and strategies, while accompanying the athletes in the development of integrity with opponents and teammates through both practice and game interaction. Teammates and coaches foster an environment of trust, support, and encouragement. The teams practice after school, play demanding schedules, and learn that a commitment to sports challenges them to excel both on the playing fields and in the classroom.

Loyola School is a member of the New York City Athletic League for both boys and girls.

In the event of a concussion, please consult our documentation on Signs and Symptoms of Concussions and our Student and Parent Information Sheet