Ignatius & Xavier: Zoom Event

Tuesday, March 8, 2022
7:00 pm via Zoom

Ignatius & Xavier:
Friends in Life, Saints for Eternity, Saints & Friends to Us All
A conversation moderated by Fr. Jim Carr, S.J., Loyola School Chaplain
On the 400th anniversary of the canonization of St. Francis Xavier and St. Ignatius Loyola, we invite you to join us in conversation about the discovery that changed their lives and retains the power to change our own.
Ignatius Loyola, charismatic soldier and well-known for sustaining an injury that changed the course of his life, became the guiding genius of the Society of Jesus.
Francis Xavier, gregarious and athletic law student, was transformed into one of the greatest Roman Catholic missionaries, instrumental in the establishment of Christianity in India, the Malay Peninsula, and Japan.
A common fire fueled the conversion of each, bonded them one to the other, and, if we desire it, can shape for the better the lives of us all. 
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