New Building Project

In January and February 2023, Loyola School formally announced a new building project, filling in about a third of the current “Jugyard.” Construction began in March 2023 and the project is expected to be completed by late summer 2024.

The impending project will increase our building's size by 21% or nearly 10,000 square feet. This project will dramatically improve the student experience at Loyola School and we are incredibly grateful for all of the work done by our board of trustees, school leadership, and our faculty to get us to this point.

Our main school building opened in 1900 and our gym building opened in 1954. Seventy years later, we plan to open another transformative building. The renderings and descriptions will give you a sense of what is being created – expanded student commons, a new college guidance and discernment center, an extended collaborative library area, a new faculty room, a new STEM center, a new Music and Dance Center, newly created “huddle spaces” for faculty and student meetings, and other creative capacities. These additions will flow naturally from our “1900 Building” and will create new learning and student activity resources within the school’s current footprint.

We did not initiate this project to grow our student body. Rather, we took it on to improve an already tremendous Loyola School student experience, inspired by what we think will be best for our students, now and in the future. It should be noted that a design element in all of these anticipated new spaces is the concept of adaptability, which is a critical premise within Jesuit education. We need to be prepared for what is coming next and the newly created spots will do just that for our Loyola School student body.

Our supporters have embraced the New Building Project and we are able to undertake this major addition because of the generosity of our loving Loyola School community through our capital campaign "Campaign for Loyola: Building the Future". You can find the answer to some frequently asked questions here.

As Loyola School looks forward to celebrating our 125th anniversary during the academic year 2024-25, we are certain this project will further enhance the student experience for our students, but not without a few unexpected developments. We plan to navigate those challenges to the best of our community’s ability as we continue to look to care for the best interests of our current and future students.


Tony Oroszlany ‘87                            Mary Claire Lagno P ‘08
President                                            Chair, Board of Trustees
980 Park Avenue New York, NY 10028