New Building Project

In January and February 2023, Loyola School formally announced a new building project, filling in about a third of the current “Jugyard.” Construction began in March 2023 and the project is expected to be completed by late summer 2024.

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    • Latest Timelapse - March 2024


The Commons will double and transform into a space which will permit 150 students to eat in the space at one time, create new office spaces for our School Counseling, Campus Ministry, and Christian Service departments, expand the Commons kitchen, all while allowing natural sunlight to permeate throughout the space.

First Floor

The space here will expand and increase by over 1200 square feet, creating a dedicated College Counseling space and a Discernment Center which will allow students to engage in meaningful interactions and discussions with Loyola School College Counseling Department, college and university representatives, and with their fellow Knights.

Second Floor and Library

Loyola School's Sr. Nora Cronin, PBVM Library-Technology Center will drastically transform into an interactive learning center with expanded studying space for students and an interactive conference center which can be used for either classroom space or for enhancing Loyola School's burgeoning Global Education program.

Third Floor

Loyola School's third floor expansion will see the current faculty/staff room doubled from its current size, allowing all teachers to collaborate together in one space and an additional classroom, which will be one of the biggest in the entire school, serving a variety of classes.

Fourth Floor

With the expansion of STEM and STEM-related classes at Loyola School, the need for a STEM lab is urgent. The new building project will add this space and allow for cocurriculars like robotics, Science Olympiad team, and the Coding Club to continue growing. The space will prepare Loyola School students for college science and engineering classes, as well as, and current and future STEM careers.

Fifth Floor

Creative expression through music, visual, and performing arts is a critical component of the Loyola School experience. With our new music and dance studio, the amount of space dedicated for the arts will increase by 42%. This will give those programs the opportunity to grow and give our students the opportunity to find their voice, discover their passion, and find a sense of belonging.
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