New Building Project


On January 6th, 2023, it was announced to parents and students that Loyola School will be embarking on its most ambitious building project since 1954 with the construction of the “New Building Project,” located in the area currently known as the “Jugyard.”

List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the New Building Project?

    Simply put, the New Building Project will be a transformative addition to Loyola School’s 1900 Building. The expansion will increase our academic space by over 30% and our current art & music space by over 40%.
  • What is the project's timeline?

    From March 2023 to August 2024, construction crews will be busy staying on task and on schedule to ensure the project is completed on time. Milestones include: 
    •   Project staging / Access to courtyard (March 2023)
    •   Excavation / underpinning and installation of rock anchors  (April 2023 - Early June 2023)
    •   Pouring/curing of concrete structure (June 2023 - October 2023)
    •   New structure fully enclosed - weather tight  (October 2023 - January 2024)
    •   Exterior cladding (April 2024 - July 2024)
    •   Interior fit out (January 2024 - July 2024)
    •   Existing building tie-in (Spring Break 2024)
    •   1900 Bathroom renovations (Summer 2024)
    •   Commons renovations including kitchen (Summer 2024)
    •   Project completion (Late August 2024)
  • Why is Loyola School undertaking this development?

    Loyola School has, for nearly 125 years, fostered a unique intellectual and moral environment rooted in our Catholic, Jesuit tradition that has allowed the school to provide an exceptional, mission-focused education. After extensive strategic review, we determined that the current allocation of the school's physical plant resources is curtailing our ability to meet programmatic and strategic needs. In order to address this issue, we have gradually developed and refined over the past several years a comprehensive upgrade of our facilities so that the school can fully realize the potential of our campus.
  • What specific needs does this project address?

    The New Building Project will increase arts space on the fifth floor with a music and dance room, add an innovative STEM lab on the fourth floor, increase faculty collaboration space and add a classroom on the third floor, enlarge the current library on the second floor to add student-centered work areas, create a College Counseling and Discernment Center on the first floor, and double the size of the Student Commons with flexible activity space for student project work and more office space for School Counseling, Campus Ministry, and Christian Service.
  • When will the project start? How long will it last?

    We expect construction to occur and be completed over an 18 month period. We will start in March 2023 and estimate the project to be completed by September 2024, in time for the school’s 125th anniversary year (2024-25 school year).
  • With the amount of space being added from the New Building Project, is Loyola School looking to increase enrollment?

    The project is not designed or being done to increase enrollment, but our optimal enrollment number will be reevaluated after construction is completed. One of Loyola’s hallmarks is its low student to teacher ratio and class sizes; our objective is to maintain that familial atmosphere.
  • How is the project being financed?

    Loyola School is currently in the quiet phase of a capital campaign named "Campaign for Loyola: Building the Future" and money raised will go directly towards the building’s construction cost and endowment. We will be using debt financing, and it is not planned for this project to be funded out of tuition or future tuition increases.
  • Much of the construction will occur while school is in session. Will it disrupt student learning?

    Our goal is to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning and we are committed to in-person learning. The goal is for most of the heavy construction work to take place during breaks and summer vacation. There is the possibility of minor disruptions, but we will collaborate with the construction manager to make sure the work that takes place during the school year will be planned in a way that has minimal impact on our students’ school days. A top priority is ensuring that no sacrifices are made in our education during construction.
  • Will Loyola School’s facilities be affected by the construction project?

    Unfortunately, during certain portions of the project, and due to the nature of its scope, the school will be required to restrict access to a small portion of the gymnasium, the rooftop field, and the Jugyard.
  • Will construction impact the neighborhood?

    We take great pride in having been a good neighbor and trusted member and benefactor of our community for over 120 years. While the presence of construction workers and machinery cannot be entirely avoided, we anticipate construction being substantially self-contained and our planning process will place great emphasis on ensuring that the least amount of disruption to our neighborhood and community takes place. We will continue to reach out directly to the community with additional details as needed.
  • What is Loyola School doing to ensure the New Building Project is environmentally friendly and sustainable?

    The Universal Apostolic Preferences put forth by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) calls us to “care for our Common home.” With that in mind, the New Building Project will utilize energy and cost efficient cooling systems, energy efficient windows and insulation, LED lighting, low flow plumbing fixtures, and create a “Green” roof on the new building.
  • Did Loyola School need to get approval from the City to expand?

    Yes, our project required approval of the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC), the NYC Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA), the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB), and Community Board 8 which we received over the past couple years.
  • I would like to contribute to this project. How can I do so?

    For more information on how to support Loyola School, please contact Maria Lopez-Ona, VP for Special Initiatives at mlopezona@loyolanyc.org or Sally Banner, VP for Advancement at sbenner@loyolanyc.org.
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